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Technology Consulting

We Offer the Following Technology Consulting Services


  • Network Design, Implementation, and Support

    After discussing your Software and Hardware needs, we custom design a solution using quality name brand products to meet your needs and work with you to efficiently implement that solution with minimal impact to your business.  In the process, we will transfer your existing network programs and data and test to make sure the systems are properly functioning.  After installation, we are available for continued support on your network.

  • Computer Installation and Support

    Computers have a limited life and when they need to be replaced with newer technology, there can be challenges and pitfalls.  Before beginning, we analyze your businesses software needs and usage and determine the right solution to meet those needs.  We then install those systems and transfer your existing user profiles and data to the new systems to reduce any learning curve.  We are also available to repair and maintain the systems already in place or new ones after installation.

  • Disaster Planning and Recovery

    We make sure that you have appropriate hardware and software solutions in place to prevent any significant down time to your business.  This includes backup solutions, antivirus, intrusion technologies, offsite and cloud storage and virtualization.

  • Technology Planning and Budgeting

    Technology only has a limited lifespan.  Most companies run their systems long after their expected life cycle.  While in this economy, that is understandable, it can have significant impact on their businesses.  New hardware and software is released regularly and may not be compatible with your existing systems or may be stretching the capabilities of what they can handle.  Our technology and how we use it contributes to our competitive edge and keeping that edge can be a game changer.  We believe that a technology plan and budget is an important part of any company.  It allows you to do some short and long term strategic planning for your company.  it lays out a plan and budget and gives ideas how to recoup those expenditures.

  • Virus Prevention and Eradication

    Viruses, spyware and malware have unfortunately become way too commonplace.  Having antivirus software on your computer that does real time detection is critical.  People don’t realize how easily it is to get infected.  It can be hidden in very innocuous places.  We make sure your systems are protected in real time to protect you from infection.  Unfortunately, no system is perfect.  They are only as good as the last update and if you are the first kid on the block to get a new variation, you will get infected.  We are there to use the latest techniques and solutions to completely remove the infections from your systems.

  • Communications and Broadband Integration

    We will help you determine the correct provider and speed for your business and help you implement that solution including necessary wiring, hardware and configuration.  This can also include researching and recommending telephone systems and working to integrate them into your computer systems.

  • Network Security

    Network security is a major concern these days.  It is important to have an appropriate firewall to protect your business from intrusion.  We will help you determine the correct firewall solution for your business and implement that solution for you.  Network security can also include protecting from within the network which might include software to monitor network or user activity or limiting what users can do on your systems.  We can help you to implement all those systems and procedures for your business.

  • Marketing and Automation Systems

    Marketing for your business is crucial.  We all need new customers.  Automating those marketing systems as well as other systems within your business can not only save you money but time.  It will also make them more effective than without automation.  See more information here.

  • Training

    Training is key to a businesses success.  Your staff and/or your customers need appropriate and valuable training and education.  We can help you in designing and implementing training systems, both online and live for your businesses needs.

  • Other Technology Systems

    We can help you research other business technology such as telephone systems or copiers.  These systems often integrate into your other systems and we can help with that integration.  It is important to define what you want these systems to be able to do and how they can integrate before making that decision.  We can help you with those decisions.